Nature soothes the soul

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We do not need to go far to find peace and joy in our lives. I have found appreciating the simple things in life can restore balance and harmony. Peace, joy and harmony need cost nothing. Go outside, take a walk around your garden or the local park to recharge.

There are no ordinary moments

I was reminded recently, while watching The Peaceful Warrior (based on the book by Dan Millman), that there are no ordinary moments in life. Each moment of each day is wonderfully extraordinary.

It is so easy to get caught up in the routine and busyness of life that we miss the significance of each moment and the impact we can have on others in each moment. It becomes a habit to race through the day making hollow gestures and comments to others without any significant thought or feeling behind them. Who has raced out the door in the morning, given a quick kiss to their spouse and made the comment “love you”?  It’s a habit we’ve grown accustomed to and I know I am guilty of similar actions.  What if we actually took a moment to savour the extraordinariness of those words and looked into the eye of the one we love to say them and mean them?  What if we actually slowed down long enough to embrace that person and really wish them a good day?  How much more extraordinary could we make that one moment?

But there are other times too when we could look for the extraordinariness in life. Today, stuck in traffic, late for a meeting, I could have become stressed and cranky at the hold up.  Instead, remembering the movie, I relaxed, sent a message to the person I was meeting to tell them I would be late and then took advantage of the time to just breathe, reflect and enjoy some much needed time to myself.  It was such a significant moment that could otherwise have been thought ordinary or dismissed had I not been gently reminded of the extraordinariness of life.

So, my intention is to remember those wise words from Dan Millman and savour each moment, as best I can.  That morning kiss goodbye, the phone call from a friend to say “Hi”, a smile from a stranger on a morning walk – all of these things will now be considered, rather than mundane everyday occurrences, extraordinarily beautiful and significant moments in my day.

I trust your life too will be enriched by changing your view of the day to day.