If the world is a canvas – what do you see?

The purpose of art is washing the dust of everyday life off our souls.                                                   Pablo Picasso

I love art. It satisfies and soothes me. It fills me up and delights me.

I have spent hours in galleries all over the world admiring the works of the great masters as well as more contemporary, local artists. I am lucky enough to have acquired a small collection of original and unique pieces of art including paintings, drawings, screen prints on paper, glass art and beautiful pottery. My restlessness abates when I observe and appreciate all forms of art, design, and creativity. My life is made infinitely rich by the existence of art.

Great art, for me, does not exist simply in galleries and museums. Great art is all around us if we are open to seeing it. I delight in discovering the hidden beauty in our urban landscapes; be it street art, an old wooden door scarred with age, a small flower growing from the gutter of a building. Amid the hustle and bustle of our busy cities, suburban streets and the everyday there is a wealth of beauty, gorgeous form, divine design, stunning shape and mesmerising juxtaposition, partly hidden and in plain sight, to be absorbed, admired and appreciated. At times others don’t marvel as I do but it doesn’t detract from the satisfaction I feel at discovering these small works of art.

Recently a friend posted a photograph on Facebook of some Vietnamese fishermen riding bicycles laden with fish pots. It was life as art. It was pure beauty. The form, the shape, the background the pureness of the image – it was all there. It was magnificent.

Life imitates art

Life imitates art

As a keen hiker, I find art abounds in nature too. Often, on our hikes, my husband will turn back to find me snapping photographs of leaves, stones, whorls in trees. Years ago he puzzled at my behaviour; for him the reward came from completing the hike in the shortest time possible. Now he understands and appreciates that the journey is full of surprises and rewards. Now he too sees the beauty in the unexpected objects that are so easily passed by.

Colour and shape fascinate me - unexpected forms of art I have discovered in nature.

Colour and shape fascinate me – unexpected forms of art I have discovered in nature.

Art in nature - discovered on my many walks.

Art in nature – discovered on my many walks.

I cannot imagine a life without art. Since I can’t spend my entire life in galleries, the consummate dilettante, I look for the art around me each day. I enjoy the peaceful moments when satisfaction washes over me at having witnessed beauty in the world.


What is art for you? Where do you see art in the everyday?

9 thoughts on “If the world is a canvas – what do you see?

  1. beautiful! I love the small collection of photos you showed, where are the others? Perhaps a book put together to showcase them?

  2. Hello Shannyn,
    I’ve been having fun over the holidays painting pictures of the Logan River. We are celebrating 150 years of community living in Logan Village on Sept. 1st and I’m thinking of making a series of stamps as souvenirs for the day.

  3. Art I see is in the beauty of the colourful friends that surround me. How they express uniquely through words, clothes and experiences that have touched their lives. The world is one big canvas for us to draw on. Thank you. Shannyn.

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