Gurus, Masters, Sages: Who are your greatest teachers?

My son finished his degree last year and his graduation ceremony was held this week. I can’t begin to tell you how very proud I am of him; he is a wonderful young man. Of course as his mother you’d expect me to say that. However, I am objective enough to realise the sun doesn’t rise and set with him; though he has been a shining light in my life and bought me great joy and taught me so very much.

This, event, Blair’s graduation, got me thinking about life and learning; about teachers and lessons; about relationships and growth. I reflected, not for the first time, how incredible it is to realise your own child is one of your most powerful teachers. It humbles me, delights me and gives me pause to realise that I have learnt more from my child than he from me.

Blair has always been independent, wise, witty, discerning and determined. From a young age he has set goals and achieved them. As a child Blair loved Lego. He would spend hours constructing intricate cities and machines. At seven he found a Lego set worth $300 that he liked. So he decided to save his birthday and Christmas money to purchase it and, over time, he did. This determination and patience was again displayed when, in grade 2, he declared he wanted to play the trumpet and was told he would have to wait until grade 6. His goal was always to play with James Morrison. So, he waited, auditioned and finally got to play the trumpet. He enjoyed playing in the school bands for several years and even got to play with James Morrison at a jazz festival. Today Blair still sets goals and quietly goes about achieving them. His tenacity, focus and perseverance have inspired me to do the same: to set my own goals, to be patient and to celebrate.

Blair’s love of learning, his quest for knowledge and inquisitive nature have encouraged me to continue exploring my own passion for learning and self development. He is a great advocate and is hugely encouraging. His measured approach to life, his quiet observations and acceptance of human differences have encouraged me to be less volatile, to calm and ease my inner volcano. He has, through example, instilled in me the ability to accept and love others (especially family members) without the need to change them. He recently taught me about unconditional positive regard.

There is so much more I could share. There is so much more that I have learnt from him. However, I am mindful that my son is an intensely private person and I know he will be cringing that his mother has been so public in sharing these few stories. Surely though graduation days are times of reflection and celebration! Can not a mother share her pride, her gratitude, her love?

I am extremely proud of my son and of the admirable young man he is. He brings me great joy, challenges me to be a better person, to think differently and to consider other perspectives. He is my teacher.

There is much to learn, I am sure, from sitting at the feet of great gurus and masters but sometimes the wisest sages are not to be found in some far flung exotic location across the world but are those closest to us.

Who are your nearest, dearest, wisest teachers?

A young, cheeky Blair with my mortarboard

A young, cheeky Blair with my mortarboard

2 thoughts on “Gurus, Masters, Sages: Who are your greatest teachers?

  1. Beautiful written and so very true. Our children do teach us immeasurable knowledge and wisdom at different stages of our lives. They are also the most honest through love and respect for us. This is a wonderful document of your love and respect for Blair. I do hope you will print it and give it to him at some stage of your shared lives. Mx

  2. Beautiful! I am sure Blair is as proud of you as you are of him and his achievements. You had his back and supported him growing up into an even more wise Man. I agree with you in that my kids have taught me so much along the way in regards to relax, patience, let it go. Well they set the standard for me to remember when I do get in my soap opera head!
    When my son was 13 he thanked me for letting him have a mind of his own. My daughter has also appreciated freedom to think for herself. I have always loved and lived by Kahlil Gibran’s quote:

    “Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. etc”

    I agree with Marilyn, that you print it out to gift Blair. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us.
    Blessings and Congrats to Blair graduating! xox

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