If the answers are within us, what are the questions?

My questions has been - How do I find the answers? How do I discover the kingdom of God?

My questions have been – How do I find this peace?  How do I discover the kingdom of God?

I have always been sightly perplexed by those wise sayings that tell us not to seek the answers out in the world because they are inside us. How do I find them? What strategy or process do I use to discover these seemingly allusive answers was my constant refrain. I clearly wasn’t asking the right questions. In fact, I don’t think I knew to ask questions, let alone know which questions to ask.  So my big learning this week is: The questions are the key!

Several years ago I was introduced to the work of Byron Katie and used it extensively to overcome some truly debilitating, suffocating thought patterns.  Last weekend I had the privilege of immersing myself in her work again to gain some skills in facilitating ‘The Work’ for others. It was a wonderful weekend of self exploration, practising and facilitating.

One would hardly believe this self inquiry method called “The Work”, developed by Katie after a physical and mental collapse, would yield the deep and profound results it does because it is so very simple. Trust me; this is one of those times not to ‘judge a book by its cover’. Four simple questions can release years of angst associated with our own beliefs. A new found clarity and freedom, a release and lightness is felt after doing ‘The Work’. You come away with a new perspective on life.

The basis of Katie’s work are the four questions. However, as you ask yourself these questions you realise the truth in her teachings; that ‘when you believe in your thoughts you suffer’ and it is only by taking responsibility for your own beliefs and judgements that you have the power to change them.  Katie’s wisdom has flowed into my week guiding, supporting and challenging me:

When you argue with reality you only lose 100 percent of the time.

Everything happens for you, not to you

Suffering is optional

Wise words

Wise words –  Image courtesy of cake mag.com

This week I feel a greater sense of calm and a real peace I haven’t felt in a long time simply by remembering and using this simple tool. Simply by knowing which questions to ask I have created more space, allowing me to be who I am and not who I think I should be.

The peace within.

      The peace within.

6 thoughts on “If the answers are within us, what are the questions?

  1. Love your article, and the 4 questions of Byron Katie sure saves a lot of un necessary angst!

    I might be going off track here, I had a channeling session some years back where I was to allowed to ask questions about anything in my life. It actually took me quite awhile to get the questions to the standard of the answer I was after.

    It was amazing to me how my thoughts could so quickly turn into a soap opera, not as much these days! When I was aware of this, I would blow roses or chant om namaha shivaya!

    Thank you again for a thought provoking aritcle and the perfect images to go with xox

  2. Thank you Shannyn, again I really enjoyed the truth of your writing and I especially needed reminding about Byron Katie’s The Work. Life can be simple if we let it. xxxxx

    • That’s it Lindy. Life doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple is available to us all the time. unfortunately we just make things bigger and harder than they need to be sometimes. I’m so pleased to have reminded you of this great work.

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