Gratitude, Grace and God.

I use a highly sophisticated method of selecting my blog topics each week.  Usually, by Wednesday, if nothing exciting has occurred or I’ve not been left dumbfounded by some great teaching of the Universe I resort to asking, out loud, “What will I blog about this week?” So I guess you could say I trust each week there will be some divine intervention and a miraculous down pouring of inspiration from the heavens.  This week I was slightly puzzled by the inspiration delivered by the cosmos.  While cleaning my teeth before bed one night three words flashed into my mind: Gratitude, Grace and God.

Mmmm, interesting. I loved the alliteration and the way the words sounded rolling off the tongue but what in heck was I to write about with this as my stimulus?  I pondered these three incredibly powerful words as a group and as individual words for days and was left wanting. What issue, event or situation in my life could I use to discuss these three concepts? I was certain there had to be another topic, an easier one. Surely!  Despite my best efforts and using the highly sophisticated method explained above again and again I was, alas, left with the original idea.  I’m not sure I’ve got it spot on but what came to mind was this:

My husband and I are currently in the process of looking for a new place to live. In 2011 our home flooded and while we were insured and made repairs quickly compared to others in our neighbourhood it was a shock to us, it tainted our experience of living in this fabulous suburb. Whenever our fair city experiences periods of intense rainfall the concern, and not a small measure of panic, arises “Will we flood again?” So we began the search for a new home that was safe from flooding. We began our search for peace of mind.

Can I just say, entering the real estate market has not been a peaceful process.  It’s like a big race to beat others to the prize.  Nowadays, and this was new to us, you have to attend an ‘open house’ to view the property. Open homes are usually on a Saturday and are usually a small half hour window of time – heaven help you if you have several to attend on a day or if you have something else on and can’t make it to the showing.  It has been our experience that offers are made on the day of the open home and contracts drawn up and agreed to seemingly overnight. Hence my reference to the race. Over the last few weeks I have felt frazzled, on edge, deflated, elated, uncertain and confused.


What has this got to do with Gratitude Grace and God you might ask? Good question!  I am getting to the point.  Having viewed so many houses that have not met our criteria of size, location and price and having become a mad woman fretting over the possibility of our house selling before we find somewhere else to live I literally came to a stand still; I was immobilised by the weight of it all.  When I stopped to take stock, I realised how important it is to give thanks and count our blessings. I am so very grateful for the lovely home we do have, for the happy seventeen years we have lived here, for our wonderful neighbours and the terrific location we live in.  We have been blessed. Gratitude!

Grace and God. There comes a time when we need to get off the round about, stop our heads from spinning, get our bearings again and let go of things we can’t control.  It dawned on me that I wasn’t making a life and death decision. It is so easy to get caught up in the moment and become stressed by a self created whirlwind. So knowing when to gracefully step back, be kind to yourself, let go and allow God to take over is something I realised just yesterday after viewing another two houses and trawling the internet, for hours, for appropriate properties.

spinning roundabout

On reflection, I know there are many areas in my life and in different situations I need to apply these three words, these three concepts, these magical action steps to relieve the self created torment, to ease my troubled mind and to step back into my peacefulness.

let go

Gratitude. Grace. God.

Blessing to you all.


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