Revisiting the 3G’s

A while ago now I posted a blog called Gratitude Grace and God. These three words have filled my thoughts since that last blog.

I have so very much to be grateful for. I mentioned previously we had a contract on a house and had to sell ours. All went well with the purchase and sale. We have since moved into our new home and it feels wonderful. The energy is both peaceful yet energising. I know God has played a hand in this move.

The busy-ness of purchasing and selling homes, working, having a life, being a mother, wife, granddaughter and friend took its toll on my health for a week but through it all I knew I had to let go of those things I could not control and simply trust God would manage it all for me. While it sounds so cliched, that is indeed what happened (once I let go that is!).

Grace, again is the word and concept I have struggled most with over the past month. Today, however, a situation arose that was a light bulb moment and I realised there are so many times I could act with more grace. It is in those times when I am being self serving, selfish and self righteous that I would like to bring grace into my life; to demonstrate and act with grace in thoughts, words and actions.

Today my heart is swollen with gratitude and love. I know I am blessed and I have set an intention to act with grace. The three “G’s” are never far from my mind.


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