The power in simplicity

Have you ever had a time when those old adages  You can lead a horse to water …,
A watched pot never boils, A friend in need is a friend indeed – really make sense in the moment?


Recently, on several occasions, the wisdom in one such adage rang true for me and I realised ” the simple things in life are often the best”.
I was delighted one afternoon to find a personal letter for me in the letterbox of our new home. Enclosed was a card, a photograph and a flavoured tea bag sachet. The letter was from a very good friend, who I do not see often enough, and it was her way of wishing me well and great happiness in my new home. The power in that simple piece of correspondence, a few words written in a beautiful card, filled me with warmth and a sense of being well-loved and thought of. The photograph was of my friend on holiday in Spain and she looks happy and relaxed. That photograph is now on my refrigerator door and I look at it each day and am reminded of how blessed I am to have someone so wonderful in my life. Interestingly the warmth and love kept coming.  When I sat down several days later with a steaming cup of tea, brewed from the green tea and mint sachet I was sent, my thoughts again wandered to my friend and again I was filled with gratitude for her thoughtfulness.
I remember many years ago when working in a large, busy high school this same friend ‘saved’ me with a kind word and a handful of delicious, flavoured teas. Each time I sipped on a tea from that small stash I was able, momentarily, to return to peace and remember everything would be okay. Such a simple but powerful gift that kept on giving.


My husband went on a business trip recently to Cairns. On is return he had several small gifts. I was absolutely delighted when he revealed in the palm of his hand a piece of coral and a sea shell he found on the beach for me. It was the perfect gift. I knew he had thought of me while away and I knew he understood how thrilled I would be with his gift. Each day I am reminded of his love in many ways but also when I see those small treasures as I potter in my kitchen.

I have to admit for me the small, thoughtful gifts have always been the most valued. Sometimes a small posy of flowers from a friend’s garden means more than a dozen red roses, someone dropping around and telling you to get dressed for lunch and whisking you away for an hour when they know you are feeling down, or a bag of home-grown bush lemons are the most powerful lasting gifts.


What are the simple things that have caught your attention lately?


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