8 weeks, 6 countries, 40 000 kilometres…. I’m home


I love to travel

I love to travel

After 8 weeks in 6 countries with 5 languages, sleeping in 22 beds, having travelled 1221.5 kilometres by rail, 34164.82 kilometres by plane, approximately 3952 kilometres by road  and untold miles of  footsteps; I have returned home!

I love to travel. Exploring new countries, interacting with the locals in each area and learning about the history and culture of each place fascinates me, heightens  my senses, satisfies my curiosity, intellect and sense of adventure.
Travel lingers in the heart and mind for years to come. Memories and recollections take me back to the time and place when the routine of life sets in again. Travel broadens perspectives, clarifies misunderstandings, deepens an appreciation for all people, cultures and religions. Travel is uplifting and it helps me to see the world through new eyes.
After two wonderful months in Europe I have now arrived home, held my son in my arms, stood bare foot on my little patch of Australia, slept in my own bed and emptied my backpack. I am looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends; the people who make this place home to me.
Friends and family make this place home.

Friends and family make this place home.

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” –




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