Grown ups need nests, cocoons, forts and tepees too!

A strange thing happened this week – I felt a deep resonance with a poster on Facebook. (I said it was strange!) In the simple cartoon a friend offers to build a nest for their depressed loved one as a means of comfort rather than talking. The simplicity of the message reverberated for two reasons. Having suffered from depression myself many years ago I simply could not put into words how I felt or what was wrong. What I really needed was someone to just be there for me without expectations or judgement. I needed someone who was willing to comfort in a way that didn’t require words.  The second reason this resonated was that a nest was just the thing I needed back then. A safe haven from the storm, a beautiful nurturing place of comfort. A place away from the world. Better yet, a place shared with a friend.
This simple poster with the beautiful message got me thinking about times I’d still like to slip away from the world. I’d still like to have a nest, or a cocoon, or a tepee to curl up in, drift away and replenish; safe from the noise, confusion and chaos of a busy modern life. When my Grandmother was alive her house and in particular her warm embrace were like a cocoon for me. There are times now I long to curl up in her arms and be comforted.

So, with this poster in mind and memories of my Nana’s loving embrace, I went in search of human nests and cocoons and discovered a wonderful array of protective structures in which to envelop oneself. Be prepared for some serious nest envy!

Jayson Fann builds environmentally sustainable human nests. Who wouldn’t want one of these?

Let us not overlook the human cocoon. Again, I found some more stunningly nurturing spaces to hide away in.

When I was young I loved Jeannie’s bottle. You know the one that was in that TV show I Dream of Jeannie. I longed for a sumptuous, private place of my own, just like this. Even now I think it would be a great place to retreat.

A few years ago my husband agreed to having a tepee erected in our backyard. At the time the space we had was minimal, to say the least, so alas, my tepee did not materialise.  Now, however, we have a massive backyard with plenty of space for a full-sized tepee (have you seen how big they are?) but I’m tending to go with a simpler, quick and easy to erect model, like the one below.
Whether you or a friend has depression or whether you are simply a busy person living a hectic lifestyle, be mindful that we all need to find a place to retreat, a way to slip away from the real world and envelop ourselves in nurturing goodness. This space might be a physical space like a little grown ups fort to curl up in, it might be a favourite place such as a quiet section of coastline, or a hidden pocket of bushland. Sometimes it might be a place you travel to in your mind: a favourite destination you once visited. I often go to the Glastonbury Tor or the Chalice Well in my head when time won’t allow me to slip away physically. After a few moments I’m rejuvenated.

I trust the universe will help your nest (or cocoon, or tepee) to materialise. Sending you armfuls of warmth and love.


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