Pilates. A pushover? Think again!

If it doesn’t challenge you. It doesn’t change you.

Fred DeVito

Image courtesy of A Balanced Life.

Image courtesy of A Balanced Life.

I attended my first ever Pilates class this week thinking it would be a walk in the park compared to an Ashtanga yoga class. Wasn’t I in for a shock!

I have a regular yoga practice and while I attend a weekly two hour class my home practice isn’t as conscientiously consistent as I’d like it to be. I rarely practice for two hours at home, instead carving out between thirty minutes and an hour most days. So I’m not exactly a yoga master but all things considered I thought a Pilates class would not be as demanding as my yoga practice. Well, I was wrong about that!

Talk about being floored. Almost immediately my bravado and smugness were shattered. I was surprised by how intense some moves were and how strong one’s core had to be to hold others. I was confused by the breathing, which appeared to be opposite to what I’m used to in yoga, and I wasn’t prepared for the weird sensation and lack of coordination when, lying face down, I was asked to move my leg in a circle. My brain and limb seemed disconnected.

Not wanting to admit defeat I soldiered on and my ‘grin and bear it don’t let anyone know how hard you are finding this’ attitude dissolved into a pleasant challenge. Once I settled into being out of my comfort zone I began to really enjoy the demands of the class as well as the mental and physical hurdles being presented. Before I knew it the class was over, I was walking out the door, thanking the instructor and telling her I’d see her next week.

Yes, I’m going back for more.

My greatest hope is that Fred DeVito is right, I expect to see some fantastic changes in my resilience, my resolve and my abs as a result of this new Pilates challenge I’ve undertaken.

What small challenge are you willing to undertake to see changes in your life?


7 thoughts on “Pilates. A pushover? Think again!

    • Lol Sarah. I know what you mean about feeling like a giant squid. You know, that’s it, I missed that whole piece about being a beginner. I often won’t partake in activities unless I’m sure I’ll succeed. How terribly limiting. Gee whizz, I surprised myself. Thanks for the mirror.

  1. I studied Pilates for years and pushed through every class–the teachers were ex Cirque du Soleil folk and loved torturing the rest of us. It did do wonders for my strength, but I found my mind was so focused on the physical that I had detached from the mental.
    I now take mostly yoga classes, but once a week I attend a “yogalates” class (sometimes I even call it Piloga) which attempts to balance the two.
    They have their perks and I really love them both. And I suppose I need them both.
    Good luck with it!

    • I have a sense of what you mean when you refer to your classes as torture. Lol.
      I do like the two, yoga and pilates. My yoga teacher is on a break and I thought this would be a fun alternative to my weekly yoga class. I wasn’t going to keep it going one she returned but I feel like I will now. The two together are very complimentary.

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