“Why do we forget our purpose?” she asked.


The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.  Eleanor Roosevelt

A friend posed a series of interesting questions this morning and it got me thinking.

She asked:  Why don’t we remember we are spiritual beings having a human existence? Why do we forget that love lasts forever and do the attachment thing and grieve for family, friends, pets and even people we don’t know when they die?  Why don’t we remember our purpose?

Great questions.

I think to be human is to experience life deeply. If we love deeply then we grieve deeply as well. Grief and attachment may come with the passing of a loved one or the crumbling of a relationship. I think it’s okay to feel these things. Isn’t that why we are here? The problem comes when we are consumed by them. When we can do nothing else in the face of the broken relationship or death of a loved one.

I think each of us instinctively knows when we dwell too long in that place of distraction. As time goes on we become better at unattaching, we become better at forgiveness, we become better at letting things roll off our back and getting on with life.  Each of us has our monkey if you will. There are particular things that trigger us and gnaw at us and make us momentarily lose sight of our peace and purpose. With focused attention on our spiritual development these triggers have less of an impact.

I have been working on my spiritual development for the last ten or so years. Am I there yet? No way! Why? Because I’m not consistent. I get caught up in the busyness of life and let my spiritual routines slide.  It’s no wonder I sometimes feel like I’m back at the beginning. When I do realise this I just pick up where I’m at and begin again. I ask spirit and my guides to help me on my way back home to myself.

What are your thoughts on this interesting topic?


6 thoughts on ““Why do we forget our purpose?” she asked.

  1. I agree that the pace, action and chaos of our lives tends to be too noisy for our spiritual growth. Your post is a good reminder to make rom for the quiet for growth.

    • Sue, it is hard at times to find those quiet moments when there is so much to be done or achieved or dealt with elsewhere. I agree, we do need to make room for the quiet times. It almost needs to be part of our routine. Often I have found them at the end of a long hike to the top of a mountain or by a stream or in a forest. You’d no doubt have found some of those magic moments too.

  2. Starting to realise that we never lose the way, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, is the way for us. It’s the levels of awareness and being at peace that can vary. There is a real grief at the loss of physical form and shifting to realms beyond the physical. The heart grieves this magic of physical incarnation. Thanks for reflections! Sx

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