Backyard Adventurer

Twelve steps in to your back yard
Through tall green grass, and into the world
Ain’t it feel right
Ain’t it feel nice
In your own backyard
In your own backyard
Patrick Watson

image author unknownAs an explorer I love discovering and experiencing new places and I’ve realised I don’t have to go too far afield to do that when there are a wealth of adventures to be had in my own backyard.

My city is currently hosting the Peaks to Points Festival which is a month-long festival offering environmental, arts and cultural activities aimed at highlighting the community’s efforts to restore and protect Brisbane South catchments.

Last Sunday I joined  a short guided walk in Karawatha Forest and came away exhilarated, educated and awed by the power of community.

The Karawatha Protection Society and guided walk participants

The Karawatha Protection Society and guided walk participants

The Karawatha Forest is approximately 1000 hectares of bushland and coastal lowlands on the southern edge of Brisbane in Queensland Australia.  It contains a wealth of flora and fauna, waterways and magnificent  sandstone outcrops.


The diverse fauna was an important food supply to the original inhabitants of the area, the Jagera people.  The creeks provided turtles and fish. The lagoons  provided fish and wading birds – as well as edible reeds and roots.


This significant tract of inner city bushland was saved from development by three women sitting around a kitchen table when they formed The Karawatha Forest Protection Society (KPS). Public opinion was strongly in support and the City Council came on board and formed a partnership with the group.  The introduction of Council’s Bushland Levy made the purchase of significant lands possible as well as the maintenance and upkeep of the tracks within the forest.


Since 1991 The council and the KPS have worked together to manage this beautiful piece of suburban bushland which has been zoned for recreation purposes only.


I’ll definitely be going back to explore further.

What’s on your door step that you haven’t yet explored?



5 thoughts on “Backyard Adventurer

  1. So wonderful to see your walk on the other side of the world. Here although we have seen a great deal of the rocky Mountains there are endless hikes waiting to be done.

    • I love that you can explore a place and have more to back to. I have to say, it was a head spin when I did my first walks in the Rockies. After hiking in the bush here tramping around mountains with soaring snow covered peaks, hearing the booming cracking and sliding of ice in the distance and scrambling across the moonscapes left by avalanches was so very different. The magnitude of the Rockies is breathtaking, quite literally.
      Here’s to many more hikes in our favourite places.

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