Walking the landscape of life

Be a hill seeker
Most of us try to avoid hills but what’s good about flat? Think about flat tires, flat hair, flat returns (what about flat cakes) and the ultimate flat – flatlining.  Life happens on the hills.  They’re opportunities to prove to yourself that you are stronger than you ever imagined.  If you never attempt the ascent you’ll never know the thrill of swooshing down the other side.

Have you read this quote before? What’s its relevance for you? As a hiker I love it but it’s also a nice analogy for life.

I’m not a thrill seeker,  I’m fairly conservative and non spontaneous and I baulk at hills, more so the physical hills but also the figurative hills in life.  I pretty much seek the easy path while wanting the ultimate outcome, prize or goal. It simply isn’t going to happen. Is it? Einstein said we can’t expect a different result if we do things the same way. It’s crazy behaviour as well as making for a mundane existence.

I’ve examined this behaviour of mine and realise the root of the issue is that I constantly underestimate my ability to tackle hills or mountains; and I’ve trekked a few in my time. You know what usually happens though? Once I begin, the apprehension lessens, the fear rolls away, a little excitement creeps in and a decent sense of achievement blooms. Oh, yes, there’s sweat along the way and some discomfort too (there might even be some cursing when the path gets extremely steep and narrow and rocky), though the more I face up to the hills and mountains the less uncomfortable it gets. Of course all hills are different and they all have their own topography to navigate, so no two are the same. Once at the top I wonder why I ever doubted myself. The satisfaction, the triumph and the joy are just rewards for a little time and perspiration.

A little fun fact that has helped me no end when setting out to climb a hill, and I realise this can help too with those figurative hills in life, is that most humans overestimate the steepness ahead of by at least 15 and in some cases 30 percent. So next time you have the option of the flat or the high road, seek out the hill because the rise ahead isn’t as savage as it appears at first glance. There’s a great satisfaction that comes from challenging yourself and doing something different. Gaining a different perspective can change the map you were previously following. Sometimes you just want to go a different way once you get that bird’s eye view. It really does just begin with putting one foot in front of the other and committing.

I agree with the above quote in that we never really know what we can achieve until we set out to conquer something, be it a physical challenge or some other goal in life. My opinion differs from the wisdom above too.  It’s all life. Life occurs on the hills, on the swoosh down and in the flat places in between.  The thrills might occur when we take a risk and veer off the flat path but the key, I believe, is to make sure we experience the range of landscapes available to us, because variety adds spice to life.

6 thoughts on “Walking the landscape of life

  1. I love the quote I think it says it all .
    My husband is a Capricorn , the sign of the goat . Whenever we go for walks he always wants to walk up hills . He drags my reluctant body up them, as I drag my feet all the way . When I get to the top I thank him , such amazing views . Then I look down and curse him because , if rocky it terrifies me .
    I am Pisces , the sign of the fish, all I ever want to do is walk where there is water , stream river, ocean or lake …love it .
    What are your star signs ? ( yours and your hubby ) and do they influence your walking or do you think I’m talking rubbish …go on Shannyn tell the truth 😀
    Cherry X

    • Lol. I think you are on to something there Cherry. We have some strong similarities. I’m a Scorpio. I love being near water yet i love the forest to. Duncan is Aries. A ram. Which explains his adventurous nature and love of climbing. That’s so very interesting. I forget how much our star signs influence our behaviour. Hmm. You’ve sparked an interest here for me to explore further. I love it. 😁
      Shannyn 😚

  2. This post inspired me to give it another go. Climb a hill where I do feel safe about it. A steady incline today and felt very refreshed about it all! Step by Step pushing comfort zone. xo ❤

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