Pass the popcorn ― how to have more fun


It’s crazy, waiting for the universe to knock on the door and offer fulfilment on a platter.  ― Shannyn Steel

If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that nobody is here forever. You have to live for the moment, each and every day . . . the here, the now.”    ― Simone Elkeles

I’ve been marking time. Waiting for something to happen. Waiting for something to change. Waiting to find the thing that would propel me into the joyful, purposeful life I’d hoped for. Toward the end of last year the penny dropped and I suddenly understood what I already knew but wasn’t able to acknowledge. It’s crazy waiting for the universe to knock on the door and offer fulfilment on a platter.

After all that waiting I’ve finally twigged that the trick to this whole fulfilment thing is to get out there and do stuff that I want more of in life. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

A startling discovery, made as a result of this brain wave, is that the one thing I want more of in my life right now is not time, not spiritual connection, not more authentic relationships, though that would be nice too. What I want more of in my life right now is fun. Yes, fun. Now don’t get me wrong. My life is not devoid of enjoyment. There are plenty of things that bring me joy; spotting a flower dewy with raindrops; the smell, texture and colour of soggy leaves on the forest floor after a thunderstorm; the smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of kookaburras laughing from the great pine tree in my neighbour’s yard. Those things and more fill me with joy. I also have many pleasant ways to pass the time that would constitute enjoyment too. Long strolls on the beach, reclining with a good book, baking a batch of cookies for my beloved’s lunch. Those things are enjoyable to me. What I’m after is in a whole different category.

Fun to me is more outrageous than enjoyment. It’s buzzy and exciting and perhaps more “in the moment” rather than a slow burn. Do you see the difference?

I have begun gathering a list of big fun and little fun activities in earnest.  Big fun activities are those that may cost a bit of money and require a little planning like indoor skydiving, parasailing, swinging on a trapeze. Little fun is something that could be undertaken on the spur of the moment, is relatively inexpensive and something that could raise the fun factor on any given day. Such as jumping on a swing in the local park and throwing your head back to drink in the sky.

Maybe you’d like to do the same. As ideas come to mind they could be written on a piece of paper, thrown into a big bowl with the intention of pulling an idea from the ‘popcorn’ bowl to infuse life with fun.  I’m going to experience ‘popcorn’ fun weekly and plan big fun, depending on the scale of it, monthly or quarterly. Oh, and I am going to scheduled those big fun activities to give me something to look forward to and to ensure having more  fun becomes a reality rather than a hope, wish or a dream.

Here are some popcorn fun ideas my friend Margaret, a kid at heart who  hasn’t lost sight of how much fun life can be, shared with me to start filling the bowl. I hope you get some ideas to add to your list.

Build a sandcastle or mermaid on the beach.
Water pistol shooting
Play SNAP (the card game)
Bubble blowing
Slide on a flying fox
Chew bubble gum and pop it.
Watch a funny cartoon
Singing in the shower
Dancing nude under the moon
Walk barefooted to the park
Feed the birds
Read Dr Seuss aloud
Pull weird faces and take pictures to replay
Walk on stilts
Dress up as a chicken
Three legged race
Sand dune sliding on cardboard

5 thoughts on “Pass the popcorn ― how to have more fun

  1. You can imagine Shannyn that this post has me waving on the pom poms while standing on my desk. I am a firm believer in FUN. No time like the present. It gives me energy and leaves a happy trail of memories in the wake. I look forward to your upcoing fun experiences large and small. Oh and indoor sky diving is awesome!

  2. I really didn’t know my smile could reach both my ears at the same time …well it does , I am here to confirm it and it’s all because of your blog 😀
    We have often said, Shannyn, that we think alike and I will confess we do . This is exactly what I was thinking only yesterday . Could it be that spring is in the air ? Possibly…or could it be Shannyn is in the air , I think the later .
    Sometimes my level headed husband thinks I’m a trifle mad, when I say ; I want swing like I used to in the park, eat blackened potatoes by a campfire on the beach at midnight , walk barefoot , dance on the beach ( did you do it by the way ? ) .
    Today I shall get my very own popcorn bowl ( and you are right bungles of folded joy do look like popcorn) and fill it with bungles of folded joy and more …this year do them .
    I really hope you do too ❤🌈🌷🦋

    • Cherry you brighten my day. I can feel your enthusiasm for life and your youthful spirit from across the miles. I marvel regularly how similar we are in our thinking. Isn’t it awesome that someone just ‘gets it’ ?
      I’m not sure anyone else would have identified what I did as dancing. It was more a shuffling random wiggle type shimmy. It was fun though.
      Have fun creating your popcorn bowl of fun. I’d love to know some of your ideas.🎉🎉🎉

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