It’s Monday

Wake up. It’s dawn.
The birds are rousing.
It’s time to meditate, to enjoy the freedom of a morning walk, in the still quiet landscape.

Shoes off, shower running, dress for the day
Eat breakfast, grab lunch
It’s 7am and the trance begins.

Leave sanctuary behind,
Join the queues
Locate a car park
Slump into the lift, with the other drones.
Computer on.

Trance is in full swing

The fog is thick
Meetings endured
Briefs written.
Where is the colour?

Hark! The signal to depart.

The trance is broken; for now.

6 thoughts on “It’s Monday

    • Sue you are so kind. Your hugs and hopes are greatly appreciated. The post was a response to a one word Daily Post prompt, trance. My words reflect a small slump – once I have achieved a challenge I like to look for the next one. I am in a lull right now and feel frustrated by politics and game playing but also uninspired. The post was also in response to what I observe each day in the people around me, those on the street, the bus, in the lift etc. People seem to be in a trance all day and then become animated once it is time to leave for home. As always, I appreciate the time you take to read and leave a comment. 🙂

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