“Sometimes life takes you into a dark place where you feel it’s impossible to breathe. You think you’ve been buried, but don’t give up, because if truth be told, you’ve actually been planted.”
― Karen Gibbs

I suddenly found myself unable to breathe.  My heart ached from the pain of the news just delivered. I’ve been crippled by it, weighed down and tormented by it for a month now. It’s like no pain I’ve ever felt. It feels like my heart is expanding beyond its borders, about to explode and yet, it feels gripped, pinched and constricted, tight and throbbing. I look down and can see it frantic through the fabric of my dress.

My heart may well be broken. It aches so.

And yet, in the midst of the pain,  I realise there may exist that silver lining they speak of. I glimpse the opportunity to restart and rejuvenate, to renew. I try to focus on the opportunities that lay ahead and of the freedom to grow and expand and to revel in life again.

Suddenly, I realise I’ve been planted and breathe a little easier.


5 thoughts on “Suddenly

  1. Shannyn my heart is breaking with yours . To hear you so distressed is dreadful and so not like you . I can only send you a virtual (((((Hug))))) and tell you I am thinking of you .
    You do not explain the reasons for your distress and you really don’t need to . But if ever you need to chat I’m always here my sweet …remember that .
    Another((((Hug)))) coming your way …thinking of you .

    • Cherry, I so wish I could drop in for a cuppa and chat. I’m physically, emotionally and mentally challenged right now. Thank you for your hugs and well wishes. I cherish them and you, your thoughtfulness and our connection across the miles.

  2. From crippled anguish to heart felt sadness I understand Shannyn. The nightmarish pain will ease and in right time new buds will blossom – my prayers are with you, friend. Margaret x

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