Get your groove on ―it’s a rush!

Go ahead. Get your thrill on.” ― Gina Greenlee

I swept through the door and sent a message to my friend:

“I’m in love with life, my body and dancing in the dark for making me feel this way.”

I was on a high—giddy with the tantalising buzz of having spent an hour dancing in a darkened room with a bunch of strangers.  Usually sensitive to loud music I revelled in the noise that created a space in my head—a space where there was no thinking, no ruminating, no space for anything but the rhythm and the beat.  Once lost in the music my body began moving. Tightly sprung, rigidly held muscles loosened and I began to dance. No plan, no style, no care or thought or partner just moment. Just dancing in the dark.

What’s more, there was no self-consciousness because all the lights were out and while I could just make out the silhouette of the people nearby I couldn’t make out features or anything distinct. Everyone just did their own thing, anonymously, uninhibited and carefree.

For an hour I let it all go. Jumped, jived, swayed, shimmied, bopped and boogied. It is the best $8 I’ve ever spent. What a rush.

Needless to say, I can’t sleep and so, my friend, I share my excitement with you.

Do you have a No Lights No Lycra or Dancing in the Dark night near you? It’s definitely worth investigating if you do. I haven’t felt this alive in, well, almost forever.  Yippee!




4 thoughts on “Get your groove on ―it’s a rush!

    • Vicki, I went once before a few months ago and it was good for me but I was so overwhelmed by events at the time I was exhausted, though buoyed. Last night I was sky high. Every fibre of me was tingling when I left. I swear my feet didn’t touch the pavement on the way to the car.

  1. Wow wee girl that sounds fun . I adore dancing , always have done to be fair . As you know I’m not really ‘ Out There ‘ in fact I’m more at home up a corner with a good book but play music and boy I’m first on the dance floor . I literally let my hair down just like yourself .
    That sounds amazing therapy , wish we had something like it here .
    We have a sonos speaker in the kitchen and I’m invariably found boogieing away to something loud and intrusive . 😂😂
    So glad you’re getting out and about …take care .

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