Life is a trapeze

Maude Banvard, The Catch, Brockton Fair, Massachusetts, 1907

Life is a trapeze.
It may be scary to jump off
but if you let go,
take a risk and trust,
you can revel in the heady excitement
of the leap
and learn to fly.

Shannyn Steel

This image captivated me this week.  When I saw it I drew a deep breath and sat up entranced.  It crept back into my thoughts constantly. I wasn’t sure why it enthralled me so until I sat down just now to write about it.

The image is a beautiful metaphor for so many aspects of life.

Jumping off – you can’t begin anything until you take that leap of faith.  We all know the adage that reminds us that if we don’t jump, we can’t fly.  If you haven’t jumped, and you are pushed, take it as a sign you should have jumped and embrace this new chance to fly.

Letting go – jumping off requires letting go. You can’t grab hold of the next bar until you let go of the one you are holding.  Who knows what’s next but a friend of mine regularly reminds me to choose the exciting nerve-wracking option (can’t get any more nerve-wracking than trapeze. Well, there’s skydiving I guess).

Transitions –  all transitions require jumping off and letting go. It’s in that space in-between that we reassemble and redefine ourselves, so we can fully embrace the next opportunity.

Living a happy and fulfilled life – do something that scares you every day , or so say today’s life coaches.  Jumping, letting go, choosing the nerve-wracking option will cover that objective pretty much. Living a happy and fulfilled life is also, for me,  about not tying happiness to a person or things but to goals.

Then there is vulnerability, trust and risk. You can’t gain anything without an element of risk, sometimes you have to put yourself out there and be vulnerable to attract the good in life and even when trust has been broken, you can’t live life without it. To get the best out of people you have to expect the best and offer your best. It’s a simple, elegant yet uneasy equation but one that will pay off.

I am sure there are many more elements to be captured from this stunning image. I’m not sure I’ve exhausted every reason this photograph delights me. I shall continue to ponder its magic and messages. In the meantime, take a leap of faith – see where you land. I will be, you can be sure.


6 thoughts on “Life is a trapeze

  1. I friggin love this, the jump is scary and daunting but worth the rush of life thrown your way when you do it.

  2. I really love this one. Especially the quote in it – that’s brilliant. That first jump is always scary. I had a big jump to do last year when I couldn’t get time off from my part time job to run one of my trips, I ended up having to quit. That was scary because that was paying my bills while I got things going. Getting back from the trip and thinking ‘oh no – what do I do now?’ In the end, it worked out for the best. Always does. Great blog Shannyn.

    • Nick, what a jump to make. I am so pleased it turned out for you. You created the space to grab the next bar. Woo hoo.
      Thank you. It was kind of fun to create my own quote rather than using someone else’s. So often though someone has already expressed exacltyly what we want to say.
      I love connecting with you here. Be good to catch up again.

  3. I’ve been staring at that image for a couple of days unable to write or imagine being those people , the trust in each of them is immense.
    I don’t trust easily and I avoid new things as terrifying. Maybe I’ll take a leaf out of your book Shannyn and take a leap of faith🤭😲

    • I know exactly what you mean. The time it took to build that trust between those two? It makes me wonder too.
      Start small Cherry. We don’t all have to jump out of aeroplanes or off trapezes. Man that’s waaayyy scary. Though, when you look at some of the things we do in life, they are pretty scary too but when we look back we realise we survived.

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