From rollercoaster to transformation – Happy New Year

As we know ourselves more, truly anything is possible. When you connect to your true self, then life is limitless and anything you can possibly imagine can be your reality.” ~Yut

I rode an emotional rollercoaster in 2018 and at times experienced a curious duality where I felt like I was watching from a higher vantage point, witnessing the ride, the twists and turns and the transformations. It was a challenging year yet one of the richest and most rewarding years of my life. My 22-year relationship and 20-year marriage dissolved in January. I was floored and absolutely broken for a time. Can I say that 12 months on I’m completely healed? Can we ever say that with absolute certainty? There’s so much involved and tangled up in the healing process of a relationship of this length ending, but I’m in a good place, a solid place.

One of the biggest priorities for me, after this unexpected wake up call, was to strip back a lifetime of behaviours and exceptions to rediscover who I was before all the years of conditioning.

I now realise the absolute truth in the saying – “behaviour happens in a context”.  So often over the course of the year I found myself behaving ‘out of character’, then realising that perhaps it wasn’t. Perhaps it was just different to the way I had behaved previously, under the veil of restriction.  There were times my opposite reaction to what I might previously have chosen, was a stunning revelation.  I feel like I am blooming. I feel alive and full of love for life.

I realise now I have spent the majority of my life carefully crafting a persona that I thought others wanted of me, wanted me to be. I projected to the world a conventional, well-behaved, educated, ‘proper’ front.  It never sat well with me, but I felt my worthiness was measured by toeing the line and by striving to be the best at anything I could be.  I strove for perfection. I created routines and structures to keep the illusion going. I did this to support a need for validation and to feel safe.  I needed to feel safe in a world where I was neglecting my true self.

So, imagine the chaos a marriage breakup causes to someone who has behaved in line with perceived expectations, who has restricted themselves for the benefit of others, who has chosen not to follow their passion, so others could follow theirs, who has hidden their spirituality because it wasn’t approved of or understood, who did not reveal their strongest, deepest desires for fear of ridicule. It throws everything off kilter and out of balance.

I had put myself in a box and suddenly I had the opportunity to see life, the world and myself differently. 2018 was a year of summoning all my courage to delve deeply into and take personal responsibility for how I had been. It was a frightening, revealing and ultimately satisfying journey to openly look into the dark crevices of my emotions and behaviours to learn how I had been blocking my own growth. In my pursuit of a more meaningful life I built a relationship with myself that I had abandoned at a young age.

 To find the true me, to allow her to emerge, I had to be willing to let go and erase parts of myself that were causing chaos rather than bringing balance. For the first time I started to listen to my passion rather than my fear. It was uncomfortable at first for the façade I’d presented to the world had to go.  Some people around me were challenged by my emergence, while others fully supported and cheered me on. I can’t thank these amazing, genuine, loving people enough for stepping forward to support me. Having these incredible people around me and accepting their love and support has been a humbling experience.  I cannot begin to name them all for they are many; they live close and afar, we have known each other for years and relatively recently. I have grown as a result of their love as much as my own self-discovery.

As this year begins I am full of a love for life that is new to me. I am full of love for friends and family. I feel strong. I feel more fully myself than I ever have. I am learning to love myself, the whole mixed bag of contradictions, intricacies and quirks. This is a year of continued transformation and I am so very excited for what lies ahead.

Happy New year.

12 thoughts on “From rollercoaster to transformation – Happy New Year

  1. Shannyn what a joy to read this. You have grown so much in a year. Although I haven’t walked a similar path I did come to a point about a de axe ago where I gave up the persona of doing things I thought people wanted of me. A completely freeing feeling when mastered. I’m still not perfect at it but such a huge weight off when one can be oneself. You know I will be continuing to cheer you on albeit from afar. Huge hugs. Xo

    • Sue, your cheering has helped immensely and I am so very grateful. I am so excited by this feeling of liberation. I know there will be times of slippage, where old habits come back, but life is about the journey and learning from experience so I’m ok with that. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. 💖💖💖Much love to you.

  2. What a lovely blog Shannyn. Thank you for writing it – I really enjoyed reading it. Good on you for reconnecting with the real you, following your passion and having the courage to free yourself of your restrictions. All the best for 2019.

  3. This morning I have put everything on hold to read your beautiful piece of writing . I can’t tell you how happy I am for you that you have emerged the butterfly 🦋 but you always have been that butterfly and you have always owned the key to the castle , it was just chucking out the rubbish to learn to fly and seek the key 👏 well done you’ve done it and it has to be said maybe your X has done you a favour in disguise.
    Continue in your quest my friend I’m rooting for you .
    I will say that you have helped me discover myself a little …being brave and doing something out of the box is worthwhile, it opens doors doesn’t it .

    • Cherry, with all my heart❤️, thank you. Thank you for being part of my journey. You are one of those friends from afar who has been a support to me, a shining light💡 in the darkness. My own cheer squad.

      I have truly been offered a gift. I have a new opportunity to create a life worthy of a butterfly 🦋and to dust off that key 🔑and go live in the freaking castle 🏰rather than the stables.

      That’s a very big compliment to learn I have had an influence on your life also. 💖💖💖
      Much love, Shannyn

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