Oh my god, I am a princess!

Life is wonderfully intricate. When you are working on your personal and spiritual development it can be tricky to negotiate at times. There are so many layers and textures to everything that sometimes when you think you’ve conquered a thing: an attitude, a story, a belief you turn around to find it still gnawing away on a level you hadn’t even been aware of.


Last week a friend was doing a tarot reading for me. Part of the message indicated there were issues with my mother needing resolution before I could progress further. Initially, this didn’t resonate with me as I’ve worked for many years on letting go, resolving and healing my relationship with my mother on many levels. So I had the immediate impulse to deny what she said was accurate. Knowing better however, I sat with it and accepted that perhaps there was a layer I hadn’t dug into yet, that perhaps there was a part of my tapestry that was unfinished that needed attention.

The understanding came yesterday when I visited a dynamic and skilled kinesiologist. While muscle testing she mentioned that there were issues with my mother around success that were stopping me from moving forward. When determining at what stage in my life the issue manifested we were both surprised when we went all the way back to before my birth and to the first trimester of life.  How fascinating!

It was like the story of the Princess and the Pea. Under all those layers the little pea caused her great discomfort.  On a conscious level I would never have been able to identify that the long-held emotions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours I’ve cycled through my entire life: emotions, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that have snagged me and hampered my progress; stemmed right back to then.


Today, I have a fresh view of life. Today, I have such a deep gratitude for this new-found knowledge that I’m tingling with excitement for what is to come.

If you are on a journey of personal and spiritual development and you’ve achieved great results but you feel something is still holding you back, fer not. There are a range of practitioners and modalities that can help you pinpoint that little thorn that keeps wearing away at the fabric of your tapestry. These modalities may be considered alternative but they can be invaluable in identifying that little pea under the layers of your being that makes you uncomfortable, that keeps rubbing and bruising your skin.

Are you brave enough to try something different? Are you ready for deep change? Go explore your options, have fun, grow and delight in the information you receive.

In anticipation of great things to come,