Transformative Talk


Are you ready to speak your truth, give up fear and risk judgment to share your authentic self? I did just that this week and the outcome was stunning!

In truth, I can be my authentic self in some circles. In others, like the corporate arena in which I work, I haven’t been prepared to speak openly, frankly and in detail about my spiritual orientation. Sure I’ve shared small tidbits over the years and people regard me as a bit alternate and label me a tree hugger (their words, not mine). Many know I’m into healthy eating, opt for chemical free products and spend large amounts of time in nature and visiting sacred sites. Some know I like crystals, have made my own healing drum and read tarot cards. But I have never been comfortable revealing the depth of my spiritual self to my colleagues for fear of ridicule and judgement. The bottom line is, I didn’t want to defend myself to people who I thought simply could not or would not understand.  Until this week.

What was special about this week you might ask? Nothing? Why was I all of a sudden ready to disclose? I don’t know; but this is what happened.

I was at a conference for educational leaders.  We were training in cognitive coaching and I was partnered with a gentleman I’d met the day before. To practice we had to share an issue or situation we were facing. For some reason the only one that came to mind was my waning passion for my work and my desire to move out of the education sector and full-time into my business.  In the process of our ‘coaching session’ I revealed I wanted congruency between my work and my spiritual self; that I no longer felt comfortable in the corporate environment and that I passionately wanted to help people in meaningful ways.

I gained some great clarity in that session about my future but the real learning came on our way to lunch.  We continued to talk and Randall asked me about my spiritual beliefs. Without hesitation I revealed to him I was psychic, that I could feel energy and received messages mainly through clairsentience and claircognizance. I have to admit, it did sound a little odd coming out of my mouth in that setting but it was liberating at the same time. To my surprise and delight Randall never wavered, never smirked, never shrank from me. Instead, he revealed that he was a fan of Eckhart Tolle, that he practices being present, that he understands the impact negative energy has on me and, (this is the kicker) that he had been looking at the aura of our presenter throughout the day.

I can’t begin to tell you how wondrous that moment was for me. Over lunch we continued to bond, not by sharing our spiritual journeys but by sharing snippets of our family life; significant moments with our children and partners. I can’t remember a time when I was more comfortable or more candid with someone I had just met. I feel, after that thirty minute lunch break, that I have known Randall for many years and that we are now, in some way, inextricably linked.

That conversation was transformative. More specifically, my initial disclosure of my spirituality paved the way for a real conversation to take place. If we were all a little more willing to be authentic in any given moment, we could open ourselves up to, not judgement and ridicule as I had feared, but genuine, sincere and transformational interactions with others.

Wishing you many wondrous and transformative conversations with those you meet.


2012-01-21 003 006       “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin