Choosing non-violent interactions


Have you ever caught yourself defending your position, arguing a point, trying to convince someone else your idea, thought, belief is the right one?

According to Eckhart Tolle the need to be right is a form of violence. It is forcefully compulsive and deeply unconscious.

Let’s be conscious of our impact on others, let’s be conscious of our footprint in the world. Are we unconsciously creating harm, are we leaving behind us a wake of unintended violence or are we maintaining peace?

Is it important to always be right? Is it important to convince and enrol others? Tolle’s words have helped me become more aware of my own actions and motivations. The idea of honouring the other person and allowing them peace is much more important to me now than needing to be right in trivial matters. I’m not saying it’s easy but I’m working on it.

Let’s transform the world one small act at a time.